I was struggling in a long troubled relationship and Reena helped me tremendously with her counsel and insights to guide me to find the best resolution for myself. I also faced a number of issues with my teenage sons and Reena's depth of experience with the teen age group was invaluable as she coached me through the constant blow-outs to building strong and independent relationships. I strongly recommend Reena as an empathetic, caring and insightful therapist for coping with a variety of life's challenges and stresses.

Anna M.

As parents of a Teenager, Reena has helped us better understand daily situations from a teen's perspective. Her deep understanding on how teen's brain development directly impacts their thought process, has made us more aware of our son's needs and as a result we (as parents) are more realistic with providing support, setting boundaries and consequences. I give her credit for increased daily alignment, effective communication, and harmony with our teen. Life is a lot easier now...

James & Cathy T.

The biggest change I have seen in myself during the therapeutic time with Reena is that I have become less afraid of conflict. My first instinct was to flee whenever a hint of conflict appeared. She has helped me to better manage and confront issues in a transparent, honest, and authentic manner.

She has helped me see myself, understand my needs, confidently communicate "my truth" in relationships, and accelerate my inner transformation to become a better person. She has provided me a safe and nurturing space for exploring my issues. I feel now that I have more tools to manage relationships in a healthier way. As a result, I am feeling less anxious and more calm and confident.

Nancy P.

Reena is so knowledgeable an insightful. She was able to provide guidance as I went through a very hard career change.

Mary Seizmore
Software Engineer