Depression is Treatable for Many

By SPECIAL TO U-T SAN DEIGO 12:01 A.M.OCT. 29, 2013Needless stigmas are often attached to mental health Most people don’t hesitate to see a doctor for a disease such as diabetes or high blood pressure.But when it comes to seeing someone for mental health issues, such as depression, … [Read more...]


Sad Teenage Girl

The last phase of brain development occurs within the pre-frontal cortex during adolescent years and is typically completed by one’s early twenties. The pre-frontal cortex, an anterior region of the frontal lobe, is a part of the brain that integrates things like memories, speech, feelings, and … [Read more...]

Psychodynamic Therapy

Family on the Beach

Why I embrace Psychodynamic Therapy Human beings go through an enormous amount of development between birth and adulthood. If development has been compromised in any of these critical early stages, dysfunction may occur. The ways a developing child, adolescent or young adult may learn to cope with … [Read more...]